Jan 24

Not That The Blue Devils Are In A Tailspin.

<img src="http://media.video-cdn.espn.com/motion/2017/0104/dm_170104_ncb_williams_coachk/dm_170104_ncb_williams_coachk_default.jpg" investigate this site width=’250px’ align=’left’ /> There’s not a more reliable visage in college hoops than Krzyzewski’s poker face. Twelve Final Four appearances, five national titles and three gold medals tend to act like a soothing balm to even the most frenetic teams. Not that the Blue Devils are in a tailspin. Truth be told, considering all of the upheaval, their 12-2 record is pretty remarkable. But they are at a critical and potentially vulnerable juncture.The school said Krzyzewski could be out for up to four weeks, which could mean missed dates with three ranked opponents (Louisville, Florida State and Notre Dame) and potentially four road games. And that’s being conservative and sticking strictly to the four-week window. Back injuries, however, can be notoriously tricky and Krzyzewski, who has lived with one for decades, needs to put himself above the team here. He owes it to himself to heal properly. But while he recovers it will fall to Capel to navigate Duke through this tricky period. try this web-siteThe Blue Devils are coming off a humbling 14-point loss to Virginia Tech.

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